Learning about insects in planted prairies

We are a group of folks who are interested in learning more about the insects that live in reconstructed (planted) prairies.  This is not a scientific study – but an effort to observe and photograph insects that we find.  It involves slowing down, observing carefully, and keeping photographs and records.

The Prairies – we’re interested in knowing:
Location and size of the prairie.
When was it planted?
How many plant species have been documented?
Is it burned or mowed?  How often?
What is in the surrounding landscape?  Is there contiguous remnant prairie or savanna?

The Insects – the kinds of records we’re looking for are:
Photo of the insect, if possible, identified as best you can.
Which plant was it found on?
Are there any interesting behaviors you observed?

Please consider posting your photos and observations to Bugguide.net.  It’s a good place to learn about insects, share your observations with others, and it makes it easier for us to share your observations on this site.

Other activities to try:
Collecting the insect and taking it home to rear (and photographing and documenting its progress).