We are folks who love observing and learning about insects and other invertebrates.  This blog allows us to share our enthusiasm, and some of the adventures we’ve had.

Insects are all around us.  They are more numerous – both species and actual numbers –  than any other creatures on earth.  Their life cycles, appearance, interactions with each other, and with plants and other animals are incredibly diverse.  But most people don’t pay attention to insects unless they cause a problem.

There are a few stories about exotic insects here, but most are about insects that are closer to us – hiding among the plants in our yards, flying in the air around us, or burrowing in the soil near our homes.

There is lots of insect information already available on the internet.  There are internet sites to help identify insects, record their life cycles, and maps showing where they can be found.  (See the list at the side of this page for links to other insect-related sites.)  Bugfolks.com is for information that doesn’t quite fit in any of those places – stories and adventures we’ve had in our quests to learn more about these creatures that share the planet with us.